URAP/Armenia: Rock Art Survey

SmDuffy-Ughtasar-4Sarah is currently a recording consultant on the Ughtasar Rock Art Project (URAP), a consortium of specialists who have come together to record the ancient engravings atop a mountain archaeological site in Armenia. The motifs which include goats, bears, cats and geometric figures, have been loosely dated to 5th to 2nd millennia BC and can be found in abundance in ancient boulder streams across the site.  The project, directed by Anna Khechoyan and Tina Walkling was initiated in 2009 with aim of developing a better understanding of the petroglyphs though the use of a collection of survey approaches as well as raise awareness for their protection. (Due to freeze/thaw cycles, the rock surfaces are prone to spalling and delamination.)


In 2009, with funding provided by URAP and University of York, Sarah was able to visit Ughtasar and undertake a RTI survey of several panels.  Although the conditions were quite extreme for this type of survey: high winds, low temperatures and dangerous wildlife (namely bears!), the survey proved quite successful.


In 2015, Sarah joined the team again with the aim of photographing and modelling a selection of ancient enclosures using drone imagery during the day and photograph a selection of panels using RTI during the evenings. An example of one of these models can be found by following this link...


The findings from her previous survey at Ughtasar will be published in Internet Archaeology.