Sarah offers a range of services including data capture, development of recording workflows, training, and processing support in both field and office settings. She has experience with building recording, museum projects, archaeological excavation, community and academic training. Please use the contact information provided if you are interested in discussing your project or recording needs further.

In the field: Data capture & training

Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)
Structure from Motion (SfM) / Multi-Image Photogrammetry
Structured-light 3D scanning
Aerial/Drone image capture
Panoramic photography
Hands-on training

In the office: Data processing & training 

Generation of RTI files, 3D models and ortho images (SfM)
Assistance with processing overflow (SfM & RTI)
Virtual RTI
Filter-based image analysis
Development of plans for recording workflows
Development of digital outputs for museum exhibits
Office-based training