Watershed Landscape / CSI Rombalds Moor: Ilkley Moor Rock Art Survey


In 2012, rock art and recording specialist, Richard Stroud and colleague Louise Brown invited Sarah to present some of her work with RTI/Reflectance Transformation Imaging and discuss its potential application within CSI: Rombalds Moor, a Watershed Landscape project.  As part of this initiative, a team of dedicated volunteers was trained to undertake a large-scale recording project of the carved stones of Rombalds Moor.  In 2014, the project was shortlisted for English Heritage’s Angel Award and featured in a British Archaeology article.

more information about RTI & CSI: Rombalds Moor>>> 

The following spring, over the course of three evenings atop Ilkley Moor, Sarah was able to generate several interactive outputs based on the imagery that she captured.  The RTI files allow users to view a selection of the carved stones situated atop the windy moor and interactively illuminate the carvings from different raking light positions.

Links to several videos of the RTI files are included here:

Swastika Stone 

Graininings Head 01

Green Crag 11

Green Gates 02

Panorama Stones 04

Weary Hill 01